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THIRD:SPACE for Learning on Artists and Organisations

SUMMER SCHOOL – 25.–27. August 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

Join us for 3 inspiring days of multi-disciplinary dialogue on artistic interventions in organisations! Be part of high level exchange with ‘doers and thinkers’ from Finland, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden. Experience:

  • Keynotes from international researchers and artists on Artists and Organisation potentialities
  • New methods and cases  to expand your professional work and market
  • Boost your facilitation skills – try out new methodologies
  • Network, network, network. Meet a bunch of experienced, artistic minded colleagues. Meet old and make new friends and connections.


The purpose of the conference is to grow our understanding of current trends in the field of artistic interventions and in the emerging market – in order to reinforce and inspire each other’s work and enhance the field, the quality and the outcome of art-based practices.

Experience, exchange and co-create knowledge about artistic interventions with other experienced artists, researchers and producers. Share best practice and methods.


Artists who work with artistic-based services in companies and organisations, and researchers and producers within the area. Max. 50 people.
THIRD:SPACE is primarily for experienced professionals – with wild cards to ‘curious beginners’.


Keynotes, workshops, unconferencing and sessions of different kind. All done in a relaxed, artistic and professional atmosphere.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN!: Please go to the end of the page—


 Keynotes who have confirmed their participation for the first two days (more to come):

  • Professor Giovanni Schiuma, London School of Arts, Innovation Insight Hub
  • Professor Allan Owens, University of Chester (Centre for RECAP, Research in to Education, Creativity and Arts through Practice)
  • Dr. Anne Pässilä, Lappeenranta University of Technology & visiting researcher of RECAP
  • Dr. Kai Lehikoinen, The Performing Arts Research Centre TUTKE University of the Arts Helsinki
  • Victoria Brattström, director and actress, Sweden
  • Kenneth Agerholm (DK), international jazz musician, innovation facilitator and event designer
  • Mille Kalsmose-Hjelmborg, visual artist
  • Gerda Hempel, Leader of Artlab, Copenhagen

Facilitators: Kenneth Agerholm (main) + TBA + TBA + TBA

Working language: English (our own individual version)



Time: 13.30-18.00 at Artlab

  • Registration
  • Opening keynote on potentials and trends in the field of artistic intervention
    by Dr. Kai Lehikoinen and Gerda Hempel.
  • Sessions:
    –   How do we create a compelling experience?
    –   How do we see new trends in the market?
    –   Facilitation – the most important tool for change?
  • Unconference sessions #1, focusing on participants’ subjects


Time: 10.00-19.00 at Artlab

  • Trends, Possibilities and Market for Artistic Interventions.
    Professor Giovanni Schuima has researched the inner workings of collaborations between artists and organizations. In this workshop, he opens up cases and matches them with his findings on what is important in creating value for organizations. With time for questions and workshop participation on how he and we perceive the future challenges for Artistic Interventions.
  • Facilitation workshop, Kenneth Agerholm
  • Discovering drifting as a means of creativity, Professor Allan Owens and Dr Anne Pässilä
  • Unconference sessions #2, focusing on participants’ subjects

Time: 19.00 – xx? Rooftop Party at Artlab. Party with us on at a prime location in beautiful Copenhagen! Party,food and drinks are included.


Time: 10.00-18.00 at Copenhagen Business School!

 Learning Jam – on Artbased Initiatives
 We explore the theme of transformation by a specific form of applied theatre, called Process Drama. A case study about social challenges is interpreted through Professor Schiuma’s Arts Value Matrix, and the case and the theoretical framework are discussed critically: How can artists and researches through their professional competencies contribute in complex social challenges? The themes and parts are intertwined, or jammed, with you as an important player.

 Tones of the Learning Jam:

  • Learn about transformation via pre-text drama reflexivity. Experience process drama as a sensing and meaning making space of transformation!
    The session is run by Professor Allan Owens and Dr. Anne Pässilä.
  • Discuss the potential and future vision of artistic and creative competencies in arts-based workplace innovation. Gain new insights on what is going on in the field of creative industries in Europe. The topic is addressed together with Professor Clive Holtham.
  • Gain new insights on arts-based management, leadership and transformation with the arts. The topic is addressed together with Professor Giovanni Schiuma.
  • Discuss artistic identities in transformation. Learn about the tensions in the changing roles of the artist in relation to artistic interventions. The topic is addressed together with Dr Kai Lehikoinen.

The Learning Jam is an organic and co-creative process. We start at 10 am and continue until 6 pm. The idea is to live the day together flexibly and create various zones for various purposes: process drama, reflection, science and knowledge-building, and relaxation. All you need is to be there and open yourself to interaction, curiosity and courage. Lunch will be at your own cost.

Artbased Initiatives Learning Jam is run by Professor Allan Owen, Dr Anne Pässilä and Dr Kai Lehikoinen and resonates themes of Arts of Management and Organization, AoMO-conference.

Detailed information about Learning Jam from or


Registration is now open! Please send an email to with:
1) your full name
2) address
3) mobile
4) a very short description of your role & experience within artistic intervention – or reasons for a wild card
5) your main reason for joining

Registration deadline

August 22nd at 12 PM


Participation fee for 25-26. august: 1.500 kr. / 200 €
By participating in the Summer School (first two days), you gain free access to the Learning Jam at CBS on the 27. August
The fee is nonprofit and includes THIRD SPACE Summer School, administration, costs, lunch and party food and drink Tuesday night.

Other costs: You hold all other costs, e.g. travel, local transportation, accommodation, dinner on Monday night and lunch on Wednesday.


Dr. Kai Lehikoinen, University of the Arts Helsinki
Dr. Anne Pässilä, Lappeenranta University of Technology
Stefan Meisiek, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Professor Giovanni Schuima, Innovation Insights Hub, University of Arts London
Lisbeth Rysgaard, Musician and Developer at Artlab
Gerda Hempel, Leader of Artlab, Copenhagen


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